A Beginner’s Guide to Spanish Wine

Spanish wines are not only diverse but exciting and vibrant. Spanish wine culture started many years back but has transformed in the last 40 years. Spain, in general, is known for its wines. However, there are regions in Spain that produce unique and different wines. Below is a guide for Spanish wines for beginners.

Spain is the third nation in the world when it comes to producing wine. In terms of consumption, the country is ranked at position nine. It shows that Spaniards love wine.

Spanish Red Wine

Spain is well-known for its fabulous red wine. Bobal, Tempranillo, Monastrell, and Grenache are the main varieties of red grapes that Spaniards use to produce red wine. Spanish red wines mostly come from Ribera del Duero and La Rioja regions.


La Rioja in northern Spain has the most extensive vineyards in the country. People from La Rioja mostly use Tempranillo grape to produce the wine. Other grape varieties include Graciano, Garnacha Tinta, and Mazuelo.

Ribera del Duero

This region is found along the Duero river in Castilla Leon. The land stretches from Valladolid to Burgos, including Penafiel. The most common grapes used in this region are Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon. The area is known for producing the most expensive wine in the country.
Other regions known for red wine are Albarino, Priorato, Navarra, and Penedes.

White wines

Although Spain is known for red wine, a large percentage of the wine is white. Rueda region in Castilla is the most famous white wine-producing area. The Macabeo grape is the main variety used in this area. There are other white wines in Spain. Sherry from Jerez and Cava from Catalonia are also excellent. The cava tastes like champagne but costs less money. You can visit Spain’s vineyards although you may face difficulties accessing them – read article on benefits of drinking white wine.